Curtainwall Takeoff System

An Atlanta based glass installer asked us to develop a curtainwall takeoff system to automate the graphic data that was created in the normal process of creating AutoCAD® “shop drawings”. With our program they were able to get accurate glass orders and cut lists, from intelligent 2D drawings. The intelligence is applied during the drafting process. Intelligent details are assigned to the sticks (mullions) in the various 2D curtainwall drawings. Glass type with glass bite is assigned to the rectangles representing the glass panels. In the first use, they realized that the program generated data in a few minutes that used to take project managers weeks to compile accurately. The program also provides tools to control fabrication and delivery schedules. Utilities were added to provide cut automation, accessories lists and fabrication drawings. Automated 3D modeling extrapolated from the 2D drawings is also implemented.

In two short years of using the software, the revenue stream tripled, and their market expanded from a local to a regional presence. The software, called ACIST, is commercially offered and several glass curtainwall operations use the software daily.

Recently, an international manufacturer and installer, Oldcastle, has adopted ACIST for their engineering and fabrication operations in Atlanta and Terrell, Texas.

case studies

Twelve Atlantic Station

Animation of BIM Model Assembly